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Before you read what this page has to say, take another look at the quote above by David Ogilvy. (If you don’t know who David Ogilvy is, he built one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, and what he didn’t know about advertising wasn’t worth knowing.)

Yes, marketing and advertising needs to sell.

It doesn’t matter how creative it is, or how great it looks, or how inventive it is, or how many awards it wins. If it doesn’t sell the product or service, it isn’t worth doing.

Of course, this is probably preaching to the converted. You probably know all this already, or are at least getting suspicious that something isn’t quite right with your marketing.

You’ve probably had your website built by a web designer who made it look beautiful, but it hasn’t brought in a bit of business, or at least nothing worth shouting about.

And maybe it’s been the same with the newspaper ads you’ve been running, and the direct mail you’ve been sending out.

In fact, that’s probably the reason you arrived on this site in the first place. You’re looking for strategies to bring more cash into your business, because what you’re doing at the moment isn’t working as well as it should — or perhaps not at all.

So, yes, advertising and marketing needs to sell.

But more than that, for marketing to be truly effective, it needs to work as a system.

Your print advertising needs to work in tandem with your website, which needs to work with your email marketing, along with your direct mail and so on. One of the main reasons so many businesses find that their marketing isn’t working is that there’s no overall plan to the marketing, and none of the different marketing channels are working together.

The Total Package

That’s why you’ll find everything you need on this site to create a total marketing system for your business — everything from creating a solid marketing plan to ensure your lead-generation and sales conversion systems are in order, to building a complete web marketing system and more.

To discover how these techniques can put more money into your business, and help you run your business more effectively — instead of your business running you — click on the “Services” link at the top of this page.

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There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, it will give you a detailed idea of the type of marketing you can expect if you become a client. This kind of marketing isn’t for everyone, and it’s better that you find out sooner rather than later.

Secondly, “47 Tips to boost Your Business Fast” is filled with so much marketing wisdom that putting just a few of the strategies into action could easily add 10% to your bottom line profits — or even more — which in itself is enough reason to read it.

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